Visit Ypres, 10 miles, Last Post at the Menin Gate Every evening at 8 p.m. the Last Post Association organizes the Last Post at the Menin Gate Memorial. Volunteers from the firebrigade of Ypres blow the Last Post on their clarion. This short, but touching ceremony honours thousands of – mainly British – defenders of the ‘Ypres Pointed Arch’, who died for our freedom, independence and peace during the First World War. Ter Hand is a township between Dadizele and Beselare. Stores can be found in Dadizele and Beselare, at about 2 miles. During the First World War, Ter Hand was the last village in front of the troops. That’s why there was a large German burial place. The whole region fell to ruins during the liberation. Ter Hand was situated five kilometres from the front and was completely ruined during bombings after the liberation offensive in 1917. Digging in our garden, we found an unexploded mortar shell with a length of about 50 centimetres! Everywhere in the region you can find remains or memories of those nasty times: museums, cemetaries, monuments, … We are situated 6 km of Passchendaele, another sacred place for many Britis tourists. (Tyne Cot cemetry) Those who want to relive history can find lots of information about this period in our cottage. DVD’s and the film “Passchendaele” about this period are also available.
Visit     Bruges   :   The     historic   town of West Flanders (30 miles)
Do you like gardening ? Visit Floralux
To do : : Ypres, battllefields,Hill 60, Hill 62, Sanctuary Wood, Menin Gate, Tyne Cot, Passchendaele museum, Ploegsteert Memorial,…… Biking and walking : This is still the most ideal way to get to know the region! Along the house there is a route for cyclists. There are maps in the house and you can trace out your own route. We are also always available for information. Families with children love amusementparks ! At 8 miles from our cottage there is Bellewaerdepark For sportsmen : Swimming in Menen, Ski fun in Komen .